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“Very friendly and helpful. I took my 4 yr old son for his first eye exam. The Dr. was great and put us both at ease. Beautiful store with a great selection and if they don’t have what you’re looking for, the owner Victoria, will do her best to find it for you.”


“Was able to get an appointment very quickly. Never wore contacts before, but Victoria made it easy to learn. Was very happy that I chose this business for my eye care needs. Will definitely recommend Visions by Victoria Rose to friends and family.”


“I am in Staten Island to work for the day and I forgot my glasses at home in upper Manhattan. I saw this optical shop and asked if there was anyway they could help. Victoria was lovely and for a very reasonable price, cut me a pair of readers on the spot so I could function! The shop is very nice with a great selection of frames and the service is deluxe.”


“Excellent service, great selection of high quality eye wear. Can get your eye exam, glasses and contacts all in one stop! ”


“I had a very pleasant experience at this store! It has a great selection of glasses and sunglasses. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! Unlike many of these other cookie-cutter eyeglass stores, they offer personalized service and care.”


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