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Contact Lens Fittings in Staten Island, NY


Contact Lens Fittings

At Visions By Victoria Rose, we can help you with the contact lens fitting process. We not only provide you with the industry's top lenses, but also with the best tips to keep your lenses dust and germ-free. Many contact lens owners often damage their lenses, and we will provide you with the right tools to keep them as good as new. If you do not take care of your contact lenses, then tiny microscopic germs and dust particles could enter your eye, resulting in irritation of the eyes. Contact Lenses fall into two categories, soft lenses made out of plastic and oxygen permeable which are more rigid. We will conduct various tests to ensure you get the best fit and most comfortable lenses.

Water-based plastic lenses must be removed each night, cleaned, and soaked in solution. Other lenses can remain overnight but must be discarded every 30 days. Daily disposable contact lenses cannot be worn at night and must be thrown away after each use. At Visions By Victoria Rose, we will make sure you are matched with the best lenses to fit your lifestyle.

Contact lenses are designed to combat different vision impairments. For instance, some contact lenses are designed to solve nearsightedness while others are designed to solve farsightedness. We also offer colored lenses to add a splash of natural color to your eye. Whatever the case may be, we can find the right solution for you.

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